Obviously, I got a little more involved in this second Z-Car.
I cut out flare holes in the stock fenders, blended the flares, added a JCR
Cal-Z air dam, and attached a very unique whale-tail.
I have never seen a tail one quite like it in any catalogs.
I welded over all the bumper mounting holes, and filled all the marker light holes,
molding holes, and the rear air vent holes behind the quarter windows.
I also filled in the gaps between the tail lights, so the whole rear section was smooth.
I painted over the chrome trim rings around the tail lights.
It had Centerline 16x11 and 16x9 wheels running 225/50/16 and 265/50/16 tires.
The rear wheels had to be custom made by Centerline, as they didn't go that large in the Datsun bolt pattern.
I added an aircraft gas cap. The tail light panel was painted to match the rest of the car.
All the windows were tinted limo black. I cut one coil from the springs to lower it.
All in all, it was one evil looking black monster. I was very happy with it.