Well, after crashing the yellow car, I decided to go for a more sedate color.
I used a Motorsport Auto front air dam, as my custom one got smashed in the crash.
I cut holes in it for the two 140 Watt off-road lights. Talk about voltage drain!
To get around the solid headlight covers, I mounted some Hyundai headlights behind my grill.
I would still get fix-it tickets for the covers, but they were easy to remove.
But for my own use, I had light from under the grill.
They were actually wired up to my stock headlight switch. Pretty trick setup.
This car had a blown engine, so I put in a 280ZX engine. Slightly newer, with low miles.
I had to pull the power steering pump and stuff. I should have found a 280ZX turbo... Oh well.
I kept my headers and intake from the last car, and pulled all the smog gear again.
I finally found the ideal exhaust sound for this car. Previously, I had a 2 1/2 inch exhaust,
with a turbo muffler. On this car, I installed a very large inline glasspack. Probably 4" ID.
Then I installed a Monza/Pacesetter baffled dual tip. The glasspack alone was too loud.
I tried a number of different mufflers, and none of them gave me the proper balance between
a good, deep rumble, and getting too loud and raspy. Most of the turbo mufflers were too quiet.
I finally found the perfect combination, and the car sounded great.