Well, I crashed the black car, so built this yellow one.
I was able to use most of my old components.
I broke my wheels in the crash, so had to get some new ones.
Still Centerlines, but slightly bigger in the rear. Still the solid face, polished design.
I built a front air dam by hand. It turned out pretty cool.
Round brake ducts with a big squared-off air intake, and dual square driving lights.
I have some pictures of it, so if you are really into Z's, send me an e-mail
and I will show you how it looked.
I also added a fake rear bumper, by mounting a layer of foam to the rear section,
then laying fiberglass over it. I didn't like Motorsport's rear section,
as it made the fake rear bumper too exaggerated in my opinion.
This one got me out of most fix-it tickets for no rear bumper, without looking silly.
This car got me in so much trouble with the police.
Talk about a police magnet. If you think red is bad, try yellow.
I installed headers and 2 1/2 inch exhaust, but not much else in the way of engine modifications.
I pulled all the smog, and had a high flow air filter. But no cam or turbo. Just stock EFI.
Since my last car's suspension was mangled in the wreck,
I took this opportunity to cut another coil from the front springs,
to give the car a slight forward rake. I also installed polyurethane bushings all over.
I put in the solid differential mount, and the adjustable camber bushings,
as my tires had been wearing unevenly. A new steering rack and ball joints were also installed.
With all those modifications, the car handled amazingly better than before.