B R I A N    D A V I S
I have over 20 years of experience in the film and video industry.
I am primarily an FX artist, but have also supervised projects, done lighting and rendering, compositing, matte painting, texture painting, and editorial.

 Demo Reel
Houdini, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Nuke, Renderman, Arnold, V-Ray, FumeFX, Krakatoa, DeepPaint, Terragen, Vue, ODE, Bullet, Massive, Katana, Voodoo, After Effects, Ultimatte, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, AVID, Vegas, and many other software packages.

Artist Supervision, Effects Design, Developing FX Budgets, Bidding, Coordination of Production Schedules, Training New Employees, Non-Linear Editing, Camera Operator, Lighting Design, 3D Printing, Costume Design, and Still Photography.

BA in Film Production From The California State University at Humboldt
ROP Certified Computer Technician


FuseFX - 3D Effects Artist
April 2017 - Present

Encore Visual Effects - 3D Effects Artist
April 2015- April 2017
Dreamworks Animation - 3D Effects Artist

July 2009 to March 2015
Sony Pictures Imageworks - 3D Effects Artist
May 2003 to July 2009
Cinesite - 3D Effects Artist
January 2003 to May 2003
Creative Visual Effects (Crystal Sky) - 3D Lighting/Surfacing Technical Director
December 2001 to July 2002
Rhythm and Hues - 3D Rendering and Lighting Technical Director
February 2001 to June 2001
Digital Domain - 3D Effects Technical Director
May 1999 to January 2001
Banned From The Ranch - Art Director/Visual Effects Supervisor
November 1998 to April 1999
Blue Sky | VIFX - Effects, Compositing, and Matte Painting
December 1994 to October 1998
PixelWorks - Editor and Camera Operator
February 1992 to May 1994


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. , American Horror Story, The Orville:
Volumetric environments and nebulas, flocking systems, destruction, explosions, fire, blood, ice, clouds, and a variety of other effects.

The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow
Sand monster, lava, space environments, particle energy blasts, electricity, misc. effects

The Penguins of Madagascar:
Breaking glass, particles, destruction.

How To Train Your Dragon 2:
Explosions, destruction, snow, ice, footprints, and dust.

The Croods:
Pyroclastic dust, flocking simulations, and dust.

Rise of the Guardians:
Gold sand simulations, black sand nightmares, and freezing effects.

Puss In Boots:
Fluid simulations, dust, and destruction...

Kung Fu Panda 2:
Baby panda tears, boat destruction, and misc dust and debris...

How To Train Your Dragon:
Destruction, dust, debris...

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs:
Spaghetti tornado, food dynamics, crowd simulations.

Body of Lies:
Missile and RPG trails.

Speed Racer:
Ice debris...

Blood, bubbles, misc...

Spider Man 3:
Webs, glider fire, black venom goo, etc...

Open Season:
Smoke, dust, rain, water.

Meteors, solar flares, black hole, other misc. effects

Tree and ground/root displacement

The Polar Express:
Smoke, steam, snow, fire effects

The Haunted Mansion:
Smoke, fire, painting transitions, and ghost trails

X-Men 2:
Nightcrawler teleportation effect

Karate Dog :
Talking animals, fur simulations

Baby Geniuses 2:
Talking babies, lasers, liquids, and other effects...

Doctor Doolittle 2:
Talking animals

How The Grinch Stole Christmas:
Clouds, snow, and atmospheric effects

Stormrider: Disney Ride Film
Hurricane cloud environments

Life On Mars: Pre-Production Trailer
 Space environments

The Hollow Man:
Motion graphics art direction/supervision

Wire/rig removals

Star Trek, Insurrection:
Drone and shuttle animation, matte painting

Blood animation, compositing

X-Files, The Movie:
Flying saucer texture designs

Titan AE:
Space backdrops

Compositing, fire, smoke, etc.

Anarchy TV:
Title designs and animation

Fire, lava, smoke  and compositing

The Shining: (Miniseries)
Wasp swarms, snow, morphs

Jingle All The Way:
Turbodisk and jetpack animation

Bad Moon:
Werewolf morphs, greenscreen compositing

Rockers: (Motion Simulator Ride)
 Color correction, color timing

Escape From LA:
Underwater submarine animation

The Rock:
Submarine animation, missile animation, motion graphics

First Kid:
Secret service motion graphics animation

Executive Decision:
3D airplane animation, motion graphics animation

Down Periscope:
Motion graphics animation

Commercial and Corporate Video Credits:
Isobar, Estee Lauder, Isuzu, ITT, General Motors, Mizuno & Associates, Oakley, University of Southern California, Jewelry TV, Giant Mountain Bikes, United States Geologic Survey, Osaka Sankyo University, California Leathercrafts, Cosmetic World, as well as shooting and editing many fashion and awards shows.

References and Demo Reel Available Upon Request


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