Well, the twisty road you're seeing as the background is Mullholland highway.
It is one of the great motorcycle roads. It runs from Topanga Canyon blvd. in the San Fernando Valley to the Pacific Coast Highway near the Ventura County line. There are several great roads to ride all around this mountainous area.

Another great road is the Angeles Crest Highway. I think it is highway 2 off of the 210 near Pasadena. It heads from LA into the mountain ski areas. It then drops all the way into the desert. So you get twisties in the mountains, and the high speed straights in the desert.

Possibly the twistiest road I've ever been on is Latigo Canyon blvd. It's the twistiest near the top. It is accessable from Kanan Dume at the top, or from PCH at the bottom. Don't even think of riding fast here unless you check it out slowly first. People crash on it all the time, and gravel can appear out of nowhere from dirtslides.