I have been attending Potrero War since 2002. I camp and fight with Corvus, and they are by far the coolest bunch of people I have had the chance to hang out with. They are tough, smart, funny, and have just the right balance between having fun, and taking the SCA too seriously. I have to give tons of credit to Andy and Lopsie for taking me to my first SCA event and getting me hooked... Just in case you have no idea what the SCA is, it is where you put on authentic armor, and fight other people full contact in large group battles, or one-on-one. You spend the weekend camping in an authetic period environment. With lots of drinking and debauchery at night! It's a blast, and I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't before...

Link to to the Corvus website


Link to the SCA's official website

Link to my video footage from 2008




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